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the last rodeo

The family film THE LAST RODEO, starring Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers, Yellowstone), Mykelti Williamson (Forest Gump), Sarah Jones (For All Mankind) and Christopher McDonald (Hacks, Quiz Show), is looking for volunteer extras for several rodeo scenes on Monday-Wednesday, April 1-3. Filming will be in the Tulsa, OK area, with call times beginning around 8:00 am and lasting all day.  

THE LAST RODEO is directed by Jon Avnet (Fried Green Tomatoes)

The film is looking for men and women aged 18-85, preferably with their own western wear or something similar, to appear up to all three days of filming.  The days will be action-packed with real bull-riding and other rodeo events.

Special note: Kids aged 12+ are welcome as long as they are accompanied the entire time by their adult.

If you are interesting in applying for this project, fill out the Google Form below.  If you are selected for the project, you will be contact by email.


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Our email list is a completely free service. We will never require you to take classes or pay us for your work.

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Our office is the premier casting office in Oklahoma for feature films, national commercials, and more.

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Films and commercials will pay you directly for your work. We won't take any fees or commissions and you take home all your pay.

Do you want to be a background performer in motion pictures, television series, and commercials? 


We have placed extras in over 150 feature films, a large handful of television episodes and hundreds of commercials, many of them from America’s most trusted brands.


We have put extras in films by Academy Award winners Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Terrence Malick, Tom McCarthy, Andrea Arnold and Cameron Crowe, as well as acclaimed filmmakers William H Macy, Paul Dano, Mark Romanek, Sterlin Harjo, Martha Stephens, Michael Winterbottom and many more.


Extras have seen themselves on the big screen in movies like AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (starring Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts), TO THE WONDER (starring Ben Affleck & Rachel McAdams), STILLWATER (starring Matt Damon) INFAMOUS (starring Bella Thorne) and many more.  They have seen themselves on Lifetime in the films A MOTHER’S ESCAPE &, OVEREXPOSED, on CMT in Lauren Alaina’s debut film ROAD LESS TRAVELED, on Netflix in AN INNOCENT MAN and in the horror films HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT and CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY, among many, many others. We even cast extras one time for SESAME STREET.


Commercials?  Heck yes. We placed extras in the 2020 Super Bowl commercials for Kia, and in other national spots for Nike, Gatorade, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Mountain Dew, American Airlines, ESPN, Walmart, Honda, Dick’s Sporting Goods, McDonald’s, Dr. Pepper, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, BMW, Toyota and many, many, many more.


Just register with us. No experience necessary.


  • If this is free, how do we make money?"
    Simple. We’re not an “agency”. We don’t represent anyone. We are hired by producers to find extras to appear in their projects
  • How much do extras make?
    It depends on the budget of the project. Yes, we are sometimes asked to find extras willing to work for free, but we don’t expect you to do that. Feature film extras typically make anywhere from around $58-$100/day while spending a fun day on set (at $58-100/day. Do you really want to pay someone else a commission out of that?). Commercial extras usually make between $100-$370/day, depending on the project.
  • How does this work?
    It’s easy. Just provide us with your email address. Nothing more. We don’t need any other information from you. You will be added to our email list. When we have a need for extras, we send out emails with all the particulars to the people on our list. Those particulars include the job info, location, time of day (if we know it) and pay rate. If you are interested, just send your info to us according to the instructions on the casting call. You will need to also send a picture, so go ahead and have a recent photo of you on hand, preferably a head and shoulders shot and a full body shot. It doesn't need to be professional. Get someone to take a couple photos of you on your phone. That’s it. If you are selected, we’ll see you on set!
  • How do I get paid?
    When you are on set, you will fill out paperwork with the production company. Be sure to bring all necessary documents with you (like a driver’s license or passport, etc. You may be asked to bring a utility bill or something that proves you are an Oklahoma resident). Within a matter of a few days to a couple of weeks, your check will be sent directly to you from the production’s payroll company. Nobody else will get their hands on your money. Nobody will deduct commissions. What you make is what you get (minus any state and federal withholdings).


We will never sell or share your email address with anyone. You will receive emails with casting calls from Freihofer Casting, as well as its sister company, The Actor Factory. That’s it. Nobody else.  We promise.

If you already receive casting notices from Freihofer Casting, there is no need to regster again.  You're all set.


If for any reason you wish to stop receiving emails from us, simply click the Safe Unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email.

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